Learn the latest industry staffing trends and prepare your company for 2021 
The ultimate guide to temporary staffing trends in 2021 
  • How temporary staffing changed in 2020 
  • The workforce challenges to overcome in 2021 
  • How to effectively prepare your workforce, culture, and processes for incoming changes
  • The link between digital transformation and staffing 
  • Staffing’s most critical compliance issues to be ready for
  • Practical insights from forward-thinking organizations 
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Business leaders face numerous challenges on the horizon, some created by the 2020 pandemic and lockdown, others due to automation, ageing workers, and economic and political volatility.

Discover how you can mitigate the risks of the future by placing your talent where their skills are best used and by creating a more agile workforce. Turn your talent into a competitive advantage by combining permanent employees with on-demand temporary workers. Build resilience into your workforce, ready to respond to future unexpected events like COVID-19.  

To get started, read our guide to the temporary staffing trends that will impact your business in 2021 and beyond.
The workforce as we recognized it before 
COVID-19 is history. 
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